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Moving On

Today is my last day at Facio. That fact is a bit bittersweet. I’ve spent the last 18 months working alongside wonderful people, building a great product for our company, and getting to contribute in little ways to the success of the others around me. I’m going to miss the project, but I’ll miss the people even more.

In that time, we’ve taken a concept thought up by our company’s visionary founder, Dirk Knemeyer, and turned it into a powerful tool to help people better understand themselves and each other. I feel good knowing that I helped get Facio to a place where it’s clear it’s going to be successful. Even though I’m leaving, I’m going to keep my eye on where Facio goes. If you’re interested in organizational development and better understanding those around you, then you should too.

I’ve also been really lucky to have the opportunity to interact with (and in a couple cases work directly with) some of the really excellent people at Involution Studios (both Columbus and Boston). While the day to day interactions are going to change, those relationships aren’t going anywhere. In fact, in the next month or two I hope to blog about a little art project Scott Sullivan and I have going.

Next week I start something new that I’m incredibly excited about. Stay tuned to find out more.