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Fetch - Modern Async Server Calls

Being a web developer right now is exciting and confusing. We keep getting new tools, but they all seem to come with more tools of their own. It’s refreshing when we get a near-total replacement for something that is act

New Fetch API Post On TDN

I’m very pleased to announce that my newest post on the Fetch API and how it can replace XMLHttpRequest (XHR) in your apps today is now live on the Telerik Developer Network. Check It Out!

Where The Web Is Going In 2016

The web is a strange place governed by multiple standards that together define how things work. Alongside the committees, browser vendors are both innovating to win new users and collaborating to push these standards for

Office Renovation Part 1

A few people were foolish enough to respond to my tweet about my office remodel so I thought perhaps I should start blogging about it. It’s very much a work in progress, but I intend to update this as I go. HistoryOur ho

One Bag Travel

I travel pretty often between vacations, conferences and our new Louisville office. I probably travel overnight at last once a month and longer trips happen multiple times a year. Over time, I’ve become interested addict

Midwest PHP

Thanks to everyone who attended my Midwest PHP talk on software estimation. I hope you found it helpful. Special thanks to everyone who left such nice comments on joind.in. If you’re looking for my slides, I’ve shared th

They Vs. We (Part 2)

This post has been a loooong time coming and is the follow up to my original They Vs. We post in 2014. Sorry! I highly recommend reading that first and then coming back to this. I’ve been paying much closer attention to

Dog Food 2015

Thank you to everyone that came to my Dog Food 2015 talk about ES6/ES2015 today. You can find my slides (and the little server that does the AJAX stuff) here. You need to have Node.js installed. Once you do, the readme s

Slides from Louisville .NET Meetup Group

Thanks to everyone who attended my talk on ES6/ES2015 tonight! You can find my slides and directions on how to run them on GitHub here: https://github.com/jaredfaris/ES6-talk You can run the slides/index.html withou

Humana DEC

I had a great time joining Humana’s Digital Experience Center today to talk about software estimation. The space was awesome and I was really impressed by the turnout and engagement. I hope everyone got value out of