Jared the Nerd

Jared the Nerd

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CodeStock 2019 Slides

This week I had the pleasure of attending CodeStock in Knoxville for the first time. It was a great experience. If you’ve thought about submitting to speak at CodeStock, or thought about attending, I highly recommend it!

Speaker Panel

This was another first for me as a speaker as well. I’ve been considering running a panel on becoming a conference speaker for a few years, and CodeStock is the first conference that let it happen! Big thank you to the speaker committee for selecting the panel.

Special thanks to Chad Green, Kara Luton, and David Neal for doing all the real work!

Build for the Future

I also gave my Build for the Future When Your Users Are in the Past talk. I had great conversations both durin and afterwards, and am grateful to everyone who attended.

If you’d like to get my slides for this, click here or the image below.