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Jared the Nerd

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Exciting Start To 2014

I found out this morning that I**’ve been accepted in the Microsoft MVP program** by the Internet Explorer team! Since the most fun (for me anyway) projects are JS-heavy, interactive web ones, this has me really excited.


This ties nicely into some of what I’ve been thinking about lately and some goals I have for 2014. I really enjoy public speaking and teaching. My hope when I do either is that I’m adding value to the lives/careers of others. How to maximize this value-add has been on my mind recently and I have some ideas that I’d like to pursue.

Goals for 2014

You can't tell how incredibly nervious I was

I’ll be bouncing this speaker roundtable idea off of people at Codemash to see if there’s interest. Because of the JavaScript precompiler that I’ll be doing with @travisthetechnie, I won’t be making it to @rubybuddha‘s one on public speaking. If you do attend his precompiler or are generally interested in public speaking, please find me so we can chat.