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The Robots Aren't Coming for the Testers

This post originally was posted on Medium. Go check it out! ChatGPT is already replacing jobs and information workers have real reasons to be worried. This week I discuss why I don’t think QA and Testing jobs will be r

What ChatGPT Means for Engineers Today

This post originally was posted on Medium. Go check it out! ChatGPT is an amazing new tool that promises to help engineering teams do everything faster. But like using a microwave to make Thanksgiving dinner, faster is

Indy.Code() 2019 Slides

Last week, I had a whirlwind trip to Indianapolis for Indy.Code() 2019, followed by a drive back to Columbus to help run Stir Trek. Phew. Indy.Code() was a great event, and I’m glad I finally got to visit. I wish I had b

CodeStock 2019 Slides

This week I had the pleasure of attending CodeStock in Knoxville for the first time. It was a great experience. If you’ve thought about submitting to speak at CodeStock, or thought about attending, I highly recommend it!

2018 Conferences, So Far

I just realized that I’ve not put up recent slides for a number of my talks in 2018. Sorry! Sorry I didn't actually bring cocktails Thanks to Momentum Dev Conf for the photo. Uh, So I’m A Manager… Now What?Given at:

Creating Demo APIs Without Code Using Microsoft Flow

I build a lot of demos. As someone who tries to learn and speak about emerging web standards, I spend a lot of time building random, little, useless apps (sometimes full of silly movie references). The next app I had kic

Dog Food Conf - Uh, So I'm A Manager... Now What?

Thank you to Dog Food for inviting me to speak, and thank you to everyone who came to my talk on being an effective tech leader: Uh, so I’m A Manager… Now what? Emoji make everything better! Thanks to Christina Aldan f

KCDC - Progressive Web Apps Are The Future

Big thanks to everyone who attended my Progressive Web Apps Are The Future talk at KCDC. Special thanks to those of you who still attended, even after seeing Where The Web Is Going. I’m glad I didn’t scare you off. Slide

KCDC - Where The Web Is Going

Thank you to everyone who attended my talk at KCDC on Where The Web Is Going I hope you got value out of it, and that it kept you awake at 8:30 in the morning! If you’d like to download the slides, they are available rig

Fetch - Modern Async Server Calls

Being a web developer right now is exciting and confusing. We keep getting new tools, but they all seem to come with more tools of their own. It’s refreshing when we get a near-total replacement for something that is act