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Indy.Code() 2019 Slides

Last week, I had a whirlwind trip to Indianapolis for Indy.Code() 2019, followed by a drive back to Columbus to help run Stir Trek. Phew.

Indy.Code() was a great event, and I’m glad I finally got to visit. I wish I had been able to hang out a bit more, but I did get to meet a few new speakers and attendees. Interactions were great in both of my sessions, and I saw a few people I recognized who came to both. They must have gotten lost ;)

Click the images below to download the slides.

How Long Will It Take

First, I got to brush off of my software estimation talk. My thinking here contnuously evolves, so I feel like it’s better and more useful now than when I first wrote it years ago.

Where the Web Is Going

Second, I gave my talk on the future (and past) of web standards. I got good feedback from attendees on this. One told me that he or she has been a web developer for years, and still walked away with some new technologies to research. Mission accomplished!

Thanks again to Indy.Code() for inviting me, and for everyone who came to my talks!!